"As A Thief In The Night"

So state the scriptures in 2 Peter 3:10 regarding the second coming of Christ. Some years ago in Alabama, this particular phrase took on more significance to my family and I after being victimized by a burglar who ransacked our house and stole things that were valuable to us.

To say the very least of it, this was an upsetting and frustrating experience. Such feelings were generated not only from the loss of property, but especially from the knowledge that such theft could have either been prevented or minimized. I knew the house had been burglarized before. I knew the chance of another such crime was high. Yet, I didn't make adequate preparation! I should have fixed that alarm system. I should have installed better locks. I should have.....etc., etc. But, it was too late for all of the recriminations and "should-haves."

This experience, as unsettling as it was at the time, will not compare with the coming of our Lord. His coming will be "as a thief in the night;" that is, it will be sudden and unexpected. It will be too late then to reproach ourselves because we have not made adequate preparation. After all, we know that He has promised to come back. We know He will mete eternal punishment to the sinful and unprepared. Oh, we can look back and think of all the opportunities to serve Him which we passed by. We can recall all of the "should-haves" that we could have done - but just didn't do it. But the outcome will be the same and the loss will be far more than some physical merchandise.

Dear reader, we have all been warned. Let us hasten to prepare ourselves against that great day when He shall come "as a thief in the night."