Zeal For The Truth

The Bible teaches that Christians are, to Christ, “a people for his own possession, zealous for good deeds” - Titus 2:14. Zeal or enthusiasm is one of the most easily recognized traits among men. However, it is a trait too infrequently seen among those of us who claim to be children of God.

Those who have the truth ought to be truly zealous in spreading it to others. At least, it would seem that we should be as enthusiastic about truth and righteousness as are other groups about rank infidelity and error. Yet, small bands of men and women teaching the most palpably wicked and false theories have influenced thousands of others merely by the momentum of their zeal.

I call your attention in particular to the zeal of the Communists on the world stage. While it may be true that some of the bastions of this philosophy have crumbled in recent decades, it is instructive to inquire how they were able to succeed. This atheistic and immoral ideology was espoused by an incredibly small percentage of the world’s population. Yet, this small minority was able to influence and enslave some one billion people in less than fifty years! They accomplished this astounding feat largely through sheer zeal or enthusiasm which deceived enough people in the right places, making the final takeover possible.

J. Edgar Hoover, late and famed Director of the FBI, gave us some valuable information concerning the required and accepted zeal of the Communists, in his book, Masters of Deceit. Let us review three points the author made about “life in the Communist party.”

  1. It is stated and illustrated by numerous anecdotes that the Communist Party became the most important thing in the world to the Communist. Virtually all of his spare time is expected to be given for the furtherance of Party goals.

“Life in the Party! For good members nothing is left for life outside the Party. The housewife is doing typing, running errands, Mimeographing, arranging meetings, collecting dues; her husband, even while working at the grocery store, in the shoe factory, or at the service station, is thinking of his Party assignment that night, distributing literature, soliciting money, serving as a courier. The Party is the most important force in their lives.” – Masters of Deceit, p. 139.

Compare this dedication and zeal with the typical church member who attends, at most, only a few weekly services and seldom, if ever, engages in other religious work.

  1. Consider the zeal of the Communist in the matter of contributing money to his cause. Not only did the dedicated Marxist give on a regular, monthly basis, but Mr. Hoover tells us how they were constantly being badgered by their Party superiors for more money, money, money! And, they gave it, willingly, because they believed in the ultimate success of their cause!

Compare this generosity with some Christians who spend their income on all of their wants and luxuries, then whatever is left, may be given to the Lord.

  1. Consider also the zeal of Communists in their fervent desire to study, listen, and learn more about this philosophy of deceit. Mr. Hoover told how that even the grizzled veterans must attend schools to advance their knowledge in Communist theory and application. The Party directed that every Communist read and study the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and others at least one night a week, in addition to their scheduled schools.

How does this compare with some “Christians” who do not even know the books of the Bible, who sit yawningly through one Bible class a week (if that), and never crack the Bible at home?!

Communism was and is one of the most evil and diabolical philosophies taught on earth. Yet, through the force of the zeal and dedication of its adherents, it went a long way in achieving its goals of world domination. And, remember, it is still working in the world! Does this not shame you and me, kind Christian reader? We have the everlasting truth of God! The zeal of a meager handful in the First Century struck a blow for Christ from which the world has never recovered. It can be done today! But it will require more zeal on our part. Let’s get busy, brethren! Let’s not be put to shame by the efforts of evil-workers!