"They" Misled Us!

(Editor's Note: The beloved commentator Paul Harvey has been holding forth on the airways and newspapers for decades. He has truly become a legend in his own lifetime. The article was written in 1974! But it as timely and true today as then. The statistics he cites have increased even more than then. – RHW)

"They" told us that, if we'd relax about sex, take our clothes off and not get all up-tight about it, there would be no more sex crimes. So we let it all hang out – and the incidence of rape has increased 10% in one year! Maybe we'd better question some of the other advice "they" gave us.

"They" told us we'd been too tough with criminals, that we should go easy on them. So we went easy on them – and the rate of violent crime has increased 47% since 1968; increased 6% last year, is increasing 15% this year.

"They" told us that, if we'd be more generous with poor folks, there'd be no motive for stealing anymore. So we gave everybody a guaranteed income, and robbery, burglary, larceny, and auto theft are running 15% ahead of one year ago.

"They" said churches are "old-fashioned," that they must modernize liberalize, rationalize, compromise. And those that compromised most are shrinking fastest. If it is appearing up to her that "they" gave us some awfully bad advice - they did!

"They" insisted that our schools must boot God out and rely on enhancing junior's intelligence. So we graduated a generation of juniors with refined intellects and undisciplined emotions, and school-age suicides have soared 92% in two years.

"They" told us alcoholism and drug addiction were sicknesses, not crimes. Now we're gagging, choking, strangling, on forbidden fruit.

"They" said informal marriage was enough, so now the odds are 5 to 4 your rapture will be ruptured and 2 in 7 that the next baby will be born illegitimate.

Who are these "they" who've been thus misleading us?

"They" are the materialists who deify the finite sciences.

"They" meant well, but their intentions are paving the road to hell. Now, I've quit commentating and gone to preachin'. I don't mean to. But I can't separate goodness and badness from today's news and explain it. Every ugly headline in today's newspaper – and yesterday's and tomorrow's is somebody's emotions gone out of whack. He might be smart as all get-out; but if he's emotionally colorblind, he is an unguided missile destined inevitably to self-destruct.

Spaceship Earth came with a book of instructions; let's see what it says. It says we should not be slothful in business. In fact, it says he who does not work – let him not eat. It says women should wear modest apparel. It says don't steal anything – anything! It says don't get drunk – period! It says sleep only with your own wife! It says you don't do what you "want," you do what you "ought," and for those whose consciences are anesthetized, it specifies which is which. In other words, if that rule book were not divinely inspired, it would still be the best blueprint for an orderly existence! If it did not promise life hereafter, it would still contain the best formula for a good life here.